Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another one rides the bus

Most of my life has involved riding a school bus.
From 5th to 9th grade I rode one way nearly ninety minutes to school from the upper reaches of Magalia, California to institutions of the Paradise Unified School District. Then, when I played basketball, I took trips to to Chico, Oroville, Redding and Susanville. The shortest trips were 40 minutes, Susanville was about 4 hours. After the 1991 blizzard, the trip took closer to 5 hours.
From '94-97, I sat in the big, yellow taxi from Live Oak to Sacramento, Corning, and the Delta.

I must be a masochist.

If you want to play any games outside of Ukiah, the bus trip will cost you at least an hour in the golden limo to Santa Rosa, in a bus packed with kids. The kids are not the issue. Actually, I haven't seen a bad incident on a bus in Ukiah in the 6 years that I've been here. I think it's the road and the fact that the bus is just freaking cramped. You have those seats that don't conform to the legs of a 6'2" male who likes the Lazy Boy recliner. And for some reason, I seem to be attracted to wheel wells, which means that there is less leg room than even a regular seat. Then the bus makes its way down Hwy. 101, a now 4-lane curvy road that is much better now that it looks like a real highway. Until three years ago, most of the ride through the mountains was two-lane flattop that made the night trips home a partial prayer ride. Thank God for good bus drivers. Oh, and MP3 Players.
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