Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm back

Well, it just took awhile to get things situated, ok?

I occasionally get this way when I'm just way too over-my-head in work, and I don't go home feeling up to blogging. I go home feeling up to sitting in front of the television and grading papers. But now I'm a bit more caught up, and my bloggosphere is back in business. Plus, I have a dozen newspaper articles that need to be discussed.

I actually got more caught up at a basketball tournament in Fortuna. For those of you outside of the Emerald Triangle (those in Northern California will understand), Fortuna is a little town about 15 miles south of Eureka on the NorCal coast. The town is fine, the JV basketball tourney is better. I can't comment very much on basketball, since the subject is absolutely on the touchy end of the spectrum around here. However, I can say that I'm really enjoying what I'm doing and you can follow my teams progress at my website, What does one do in Fortuna? Well, since I'm there from Thursday night to Saturday night, I end up doing a lot of grading in a little Best Western motel room while I listen to HBO movies in the background. What else? Christmas shopping was attempted, but the only real deal was bottles of Chateau Sovereign 2003 Cabs at Costco for $14. A seriously good wine at a seriously good price. Of course, I couldn't buy them while I was in the situation of being at a basketball tourney. They way things are going, some yahoo would have a fit if I had purchased wine as a Christmas gift for my wife. But don't you let that deal pass up. Go get some!

So the blogging is back. Ready?
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