Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sorry for the absence

I've been slammed.

Basketball started, Model United Nations was swinging, and I've been real involved in describing the elections with the kids. It equals late nights and no time to blog.

-My father had a small heart attack last weekend. I freaks me out to think about the having a heart attack, but my father was real good through it and is fine now. All he has is a hole in his leg where they inserted the stent. Of course, the primary reason he had the heart attack was his diet, which was not good. Bad news, I'm built like my father. Worse news, I don't eat much different.

-The Berkeley Model United Nations Workshop was a big success on Saturday. The kids were engaged and very interested in continuing the entire process. The only complaint was that some kids felt overly prepared, as I was one of the few teachers that has an actual class, not a Model U.N. club. One neat thing was that the Cal-UCLA football game was that evening, and the band was in full throes during Saturday afternoon. The kids got a nice view of Berkeley life and the Cal Bear Band. Although they enjoyed it, some looked a little intimitated.

-I'll blog more later. Plenty of stuff has happened at school, but I'm just too worn out to discuss it.
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