Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Passion for Election Results

Governor: My pick- Phil Angelides. Result- The Governator. I know, how can I vote for such a horrid candidate? Anyone with a pulse knew that Phil had no chance at winning, but that didn't prevent me from throwing my vote the way of the lame Democrat. Schwarzenegger tried to solve California's economic problems by taking the idiotic step towards robbing public employees of their pension and pay. You know, those employees that are some of the lowest paid professionals in California. I don't trust him, at all. In the meantime, both parties need to find a true California candidate. Both currently suck. And Schwarzenegger going after Boxer down the road? Ew.

Prop 1A: My pick- Vote No. Result- Passed. This was pretty much a useless law. Taxes are taxes, and shouldn't simply be earmarked for specific projects. Plus, it can be revoked in an "emergency".

Prop 1B: My pick- Vote No. Result- Passed. I'm done voting debt to future generations because legislators and the idiot Governor don't have the balls to raise taxes to fix things. "Proposition Governing" is not an effective way to run the legislature. We voted you in, you do what you were elected to do.

Prop 1C: My pick- Vote No. Result- Passed. Call me anti-homeless. Actually, call me more concerned about getting workers off welfare, including going into debt over it.

Prop 1D: My pick- Vote No. Result- Passed. Yes, I voted no on school bond money too. It basically shrugs off responsibility for education on this generation of voters. Make education a priority, stop talking about it.

Prop 1E: My pick- Vote No. Result- Passed. A vast chuck of the money goes to the Delta. I don't live in the Delta, and my flood would not be prevented by this money.

Prop 83: My pick- Vote Yes. Result- Passed. I think we should be even harder on sex offenders. I have no problem tracking them, and no problem with forcing them away from schools and parks. If they move into a certain neighborhood, build another park.

Prop 84: My pick- Vote No. Result- Failed. Prop 1E, part 2. Why would I even consider it?

Prop 85: My pick- Vote Yes. Result- Failed. Abortion is outpatient surgery. Minors need a parent there for them. As for the arguement that their home situation could create a bad problem, check the statistics. The idea that Mom and Dad are abusive to every minor having an abortion is massively warped by the media. A vast majority of abortions are from girls using the procedure as birth control. I'm not saying that we should ban abortion, but controls are needed.

Prop 86: My pick- Vote Yes. Result- Failed. Sin tax failed? Californians are so damn freaked by the word "tax" that they won't even tax tobacco. Hypocritical environmentalist that won't vote against helping to prevent second hand smoke. Worst defeat of the evening.

Prop 87: My pick- Vote No. Result- Failed. No kidding. Anyone with a brain should see that there would be no way to enforce the "can't push costs onto consumers". Supply and Demand will make the costs go up anyway. Might as well directly tax the consumer.

Prop 88: My pick- Vote Yes. Result- Failed. People hate parcel taxes. People love stupid commercials. Mix the two together and you get this amendment defeated. I wonder if people realized that you were exempt from the tax if you lived on the property.

Prop 89: My pick- Vote No. Result- Failed. What the hell was the Nurses Association thinking??? Down in flames you go!!

Prop 90: My pick- Vote Yes. Result- Failed. I don't get this one. So voters actually voted for the government being more free to grab private property, and even allowing the government to sell that property to developers. I guess the Supreme Court say the writing on the wall.

Measure W: My pick- Vote No. Result- Passed. A bond for Mendocino College. This institution doesn't have the student base to need to be renovated. Cut the bond in half (to $30 billion), focus on something other than the parking lot, and you might have my vote. Instead, I'm going to be charged an extra $100 a year in property taxes for a parking lot and roof tiles.

Measure X: My pick- Vote Yes. Result- Passed. 10% is the standard rate for a transiant tax. I don't quite understand why this only passed by about 60 votes. Tourism is up, let them help pay for services.

Measure Y: My pick- Vote No. Result- Passed. "Should the U.S. leave Iraq immediately?" This is Mendocino County, what did you expect? A totally unimportant advisory measure on a ballot of important items. Plus, the idiot who came to the school to hump the measure knew next to nothing about Iraq, she just came off like a your typical peacenik.

Sonoma/Marin Measure R: My pick- Vote Yes. Result- Failed. This actually passed in Sonoma County, but not in Marin. So, no train from Cloverdale to Larkspur. Voters in Marin complained that the cost was too much for a train that would not do enough. I agree........BUT, I don't think that Marin will vote for ANY train project EVER! They are way too "NIMBY" and are satisfied with the congestion on HWY 101. I'm ready for the state to come in and just build the damn thing, and tell the Marin "yuppie hippies" to deal with it.

Sacramento Measures Q & R: My pick- Vote No. Result- Failed. Funding an arena for a bunch of rich people? Please. If the public is going to pay for the arena, they should get the revenue from the arena. The NBA is not leaving Sacramento. The league knows the town loves the team, and they won't bail on them.

I knew the House was going to fall, but I thought that the Senate was going 50-50.
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