Saturday, October 28, 2006

Week, oh week

I'm sitting here right now listening to old Cardinal Egan visits to the Imus in the Morning show, and working on a new Ukiah Model U.N. webpage. I need to laugh, and others need to lighten up.

-"If the parents don't like him, teachers and coaches should be fired". I have heard or read this quote nearly a dozen times this week. Ever since the A.D. was fired because of a group of parents, this quote has given a false sense of confidence to parents that they actually have power to impact everything done in a public school. And some of you actually question why teachers have tenure?

-Global Studies had their first mini-model United Nations session (minus the country research) regarding the situation in Sudan. In the end, the resolutions that passed agreed that economic sanctions were needed against Sudan, and that the United States should participate in a larger peace keeping force to protect the civilians. Sure, it is a tad bit naive, but the resolutions were well done and the debate was good for a first time. Want to meet Coach Brown? I'll be at the Berkeley Model U.N. Workshop next weekend with a small group of interested students. You can say "hi", or "I hate your blog", or some other uplifting comment.

-Skunky harvest is here. Yes, nothing is more potent than walking out of the house to the small of marijuana every morning at 6:15. Growing is so prevalent here that it is unbelievable. My hope is that the passing of Norm Vroman will hope the county go in a more reasonable direction in terms of drug issues. Speaking of the recently deceased, it looks like he was on someone's watch list before he died. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported today that the Feds were planning to raid his house to sniff out weed, guns, and cash, some of which might had been stolen from police department raids. Hell of a guy, huh? I also hope that Judge Cindy Mayfield throws the book at these two guys that had a 400 plant plantation in the middle of a residential neighborhood, near a school. And I hope it goes something like, "You are getting the maximum penalty and you can take your medical marijuana card and stick it straight up your ass!"

-I need a good LCD projector with at least 2000 lumins and reasonable replacement bulb costs. Anyone have recommendations?

-I realized on Thursday that my classroom management problems are nearly non-existant, and that is such a cool thought. I haven't had one kid tossed out, one kid written up with a referral, not one! I was just one of those realizations that was enjoyable to think about in a week full of garbage.
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