Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just a bizarre week

I can't really explain it any other way than to say that the week was simply bizarre.

You know what you get when you mix a bunch of Homecoming all-nighters and school days? Colds. That's right, the season for getting sick is in as all those kids that ate garbage for days and got little sleep succumbed to the common cold this week. Can't say that I didn't warn them to eat better. I got a little scratch in the throat earlier in the week, which has turned into a slight cough. I can't tell yet whether I've fought off the cold or if it just starting.

Speaking of other Homecoming effects, I gave my second test on Friday to my Government classes, with a very unhappy result. Averages were in the range of 69-72%. Ouch. And this was a pretty straight-forward test, mostly about Constitutional Principles, Amendments, and some Convention thrown in. When I asked about why they did poorly, the overwhelming answer was very simple; "I didn't study". No kidding? You might find a correlation between studying and test scores if you continue in this manner. Unfortunately, this isn't uncommon for this time of year. I expect a near 10% increase in the test scores for the next round, as students figure out that I'm very consistent with tests and quizzes, and that the test questions come right out of the notes.

I need to find a way to raise about $5,000 for Model United Nations. One approach is an Educational Foundation Grant that has the potential of making the Berkeley Model U.N. Conference a reality if I can get the paperwork straight. Wow, talking about a serious bunch of work! Applying for a grant is like doing my college thesis all over again, except that this time Constantine isn't going to get the visit from God that saves my ass. Thankfully, I've acquired some great advice and I'm plugging through with the process.

My website ( is having problems with the Making the Grade online grade upload. For some reason, some classes are showing up without any grades, just the e-mail link. Any suggestions?

Hopefully, by the end of this week, I can change part of this website and then move into a brand new era in my career. Sound coded and secretive? Well, it's meant to be. All I can say is that I remember back to my Junior year in high school, when I was in Mr. Mason's U.S. History class, I told a girl named DeAnna that I was going to do two things with my life. One was to teach high school History. The other was something else. I accomplished one dream, and the other is incredibly close.

Wish me luck!
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