Sunday, August 27, 2006

State of the district

On the final Friday before we get the little knotheads, the district has its yearly meeting to try and let us know what's going down. Out of all the meetings we have, the first 15-20 minutes of this meeting is usually the most interesting. We find out all the nasty little political information that we don't hear on the outside. The presentation is made by our Super, who I happen to really like because he really thinks like an administrator AND a teacher. In fact, his overall attitude is one of the reasons that I couldn't stand being around the majordomos of the union. There are people in the organization that are simply out to make the Super looked like Emperor Palpatine (*cough* CTA rep) without taking into consideration that our purse strings are controlled by the morons in Sacramento.

An update on the State of the District:
-COLA is going up. I'm not going to be specific, except to say that I'm happy about it.
-At the same time, health fees are still $150 a month.
-The district is still in declining enrollment. In fact, since 1999 the district has lost 12% of it's student population, and it continues to decrease. Believe it or not, it isn't charter schools. All the information points to families not only leaving Ukiah, but the state as well. In fact, California is in a process of declining enrollment not seen since World War 1.
-Saw some charter school information. First, the idiot politicians are so on charter school's jock that it isn't even funny. As you know, ADA money travels with the student when they transfer to a charter school. However, if the student transfers back to the public school, the money remains at the charter. Our district lost tens of thousands of dollars in this manner.
-To add on to the charter school issue, 7th grade is the year that sees a dramatic exodus to charter schools. Interestingly enough, many of those same kids are returning during their high school years. In fact, more kids return than leave to go to charter schools between grades 9-12. Hmmmmmm, did I mention something about this in an earlier post?
-Back in December, we had a little flooding problem. Hopland Elementary school had a mammoth flooding problem that destroyed the school. With the help of teachers, staff, and a good contractor, the school will be ready for action by opening day on Monday.

On a more personal note, I'm ready.
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