Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I've now been consistently back for about three days now, and the feeling is different than in the last five years.

Basically, I'm a lot more confident that I'm ready to go, with one exception that I'll discuss later.

When I mean confident, I mean that the nervousness about Government (four of my classes) is gone. I'm totally prepared to teach it, I'm confident with my classroom management style, I like the material that I use....I'm just much more focused than I used to be. I'm not anxious in the slightest about teaching the subject matter or getting the students engaged. I guess I just feel ready to go!

It was this attitude that has made the last couple of days with my colleagues very enjoyable. With the massive apprehension gone, returning to the school is a lot like returning to a fun family that you missed during the summer. The department is very together, very accepting of each other's quirks, and have had a nice time talking out problems, joking around, and gathering a feel for how the school year is going to be. Our first department meeting felt very unified, with everyone banning together with purpose and preparation for possible problems in the year ahead. The feeling makes the beginning of the year much easier to deal with.

So what is the lone anxiety? I'm pretty worried about this International Studies class. I'm sure that the fact that this is the first time this course has been done might be a factor of my nervousness, but more of it stems from the fact that it is an elective course, and I'm very unsure about the balance of challenge and interest. I think I have interesting stuff, but implementation is going to be interesting, especially with the fact that the class is Zero period. Everyone seems very excited, from the students I've ran into to the administration that thinks this is a great chance. I've got the class list of students, and it reads like the perfect storm for my class. The students are very intelligent, well rounded, and massively opinionated, the perfect combination for my kind of class.

I guess I need to just go with it.

Meetings over the next few days.

Um, yay.
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