Saturday, August 12, 2006

OMG, I found the Gong Show!!!!!!!!!!

You really don't appreciate the good shows until they're gone.

I really don't remember a whole lot about the Gong Show except that there were parts that were just damn funny. I didn't get a whole lot of the original acts, and had to settle for mid-80's stuff, but damn I get nostalgic. I just have warm, fuzzy memories of Jimmy Walker playing the part of guest judge, and acting incredulous as he wormed up to, and slammed home the Gong on hideous acts.

This evening, my wife was buzzing the channels and came upon an NBC show on Bravo called America's Got Talent. Ladies and gentlemen, all we are missing is the Gong, and I'm not kidding. The basic idea is that different acts are judged by some Brit named Piers Morgan, the 90's singer Brandy, and David Hasselhoff. Tonight's acts included an 8 year old pianist, an illusionist whose apprentice cried when she was critiqued, three teenagers that thought they were the modern day SWV, and a drag queen that spun hula hoops on his ass. Yes, train wreck television at it's best. It tries to be American Idol (it is produced by Simon Cowell), but ends up needing Jimmy Walker there to smack the Gong!!!
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