Friday, August 18, 2006

Back to school

On Wednesday I made my first serious foray into my classroom, a place that I tried to avoid for most of the summer. I found the room to be very clean, all the desks classically moved to the side of the room so all the floors could be cleaned. At first I was irritated by the move, but now I enjoy putting the room back together with a new sense of purpose. Not much changes to my room, but I end up taking a look at what is most pleasing to my eyes, and student's eyes. My final evaluation was that I would change very little in the classroom, replacing some older student work for newer, and taking down some dated materials to clear room on the walls for this year's work.

I also spent time unloading the dozen boxes full of new textbooks that I need to number and shelve. I got the books unloaded, and then lost interest and set up my computer, which promptly crashed. Now I'm waiting for a fix, which will hopefully come next week.
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