Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another excellent Economics Conference

A year ago I attended a conference at Moody's of San Francisco that dealt with teaching the California Economic Standards. The conference was excellent and inspired me to do new and better things for kids when dealing with teaching Economics. The only problem was that it was the first time that the California Council on Economic Education (CCEE) had made that presentation, and it was a little rough in some spots.

I dragged my wife along for this conference. If I haven't told you, she teaches Economics as well, just at a different school (isn't it just cute). This conference was more polished in terms of not only the presentation, but the materials that were given to the teachers. The power points were clearer, the instructions were precise, and the composition was something that wouldn't take hours to learn before using it in class. The written material included the
14 Greatest Hits for Teaching High School Economics
(a must in the classroom), a huge binder that has discussion and lessons for every single California Economic Standard, and Power Points that can be manipulated to fit your classroom. It is excellent material that every Econ teacher should have.

Look, if you are teaching Economics in the state of California, you should be going to one of these conferences. Click on the CCEE link on the right side of my page and go to their website. Click on the "Contact Us" link and enter the information for them to get in contact with you, and mention my name if you like. I'm not getting paid for referring anyone, but I promised them that I'd really hump their program, and I don't hump stuff that sucks. There were only about 25 teachers at the 2005 conference in San Francisco. This year, there were 40, and all were very into what these guys were saying.

I don't know about your school, but a lot of teachers shy away from Economics because it is nothing like history. If you are intimidated, if you are not too sure about the standards, if you need inspiration, then you need to get to a CCEE workshop.

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