Sunday, July 16, 2006

Help Wanted for International Studies

During my interview for my current position at Ukiah High School, I told the panel that one of my future goals was to create and teach an International Studies class. Last semester, my class was approved and this fall, I'll start teaching International and Global Studies.

I have my textbook, International Politics on the World Stage. From my investigation, it is quite a bit better than the next candidate. The reading level is challenging, but I think that a college prep Junior or Senior should do just fine.

I'm also using the State of the World Atlas, something that was used in the class that I took in high school. There are excellent activities you can use with the atlas, plus it is an invaluable resource.

Interact Simulations has some very interesting resources that I'm going to be using regarding International Relations, nation building, and terrorism. I tweaked the activities to meet my needs and I think there is an excellent chance that the simulations will be a big hit in the realm of interest based learning.

TCI (Teacher's Curriculum Institute) has some excellent simulation and interactive activities that will do very well for International Studies. There is a couple of great Israel/Palestine Problem Based Learning activities, and a simulation that makes half the class Middle Eastern countries and half "Western" countries dealing in oil negotiations. I highly recommend it!

Finally, I have all the different media that I'm going to be using. Obviously the Newshour focus stories (link right) will be a big part of class, as is the excellent news magazine Frontline (also linked right). Articles from Newsweek and Foreign Affairs will supplement all the text material and classroom instruction.

All of this leads up to a participating role in the Berkeley Model United Nations.

Even though I have plenty to work with, I want more. If you have any materials, any recommendations, no matter how small they are, I would love to hear from you!
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