Monday, July 10, 2006

Generation Y having difficultly keeping a job

You would think that I'm talking about a generation of young adults who can't remain employed, but in actuality, I'm talking about a generation of young adults who choose not to be employed if they don't get what they want.

Joanne Jacobs (check right links) found an article in the Los Angeles Times that states that Generation Y is taking on the attitude of a spoiled little employee, appropriate for the so called "entitlement generation". Apparently, companies are spending massive amounts of money trying to recruit and train employees, only to find that the Y'ers split town the second they don't get what they want. This is irritating the corporate world, so says the L.A. Times.

I call this the Market Economy.

While teaching Economics, I explain to kids that the reason that you get a good education and a lot of experience is so you have that opportunity to become a marketable product. If the company can't meet the demands of a good labor, then the company loses out on that labor. I understand that the article seems to insinuate that this generation doesn't want to start down on the low rungs of the ladder. Really, who does? However, if potential employees are leaving jobs and easily acquiring new ones, that simply means that there are a lot of jobs out there, and that is good for the economy. Also, let's not ignore the productivity numbers that are coming out regarding the American labor force. Americans are working longer, harder, and are creating more productivity than ever. This generation will learn that they have to start at the bottom to work their way up, just like every other generation had to learn. Hell, Generation X was called "The Slacker Generation", and they started the Internet Revolution!
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