Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wow, guess who has a blog.

Yes, it is truly party time because I'm going to have material to keep me entertained for the foreseeable future.

K.C. Meadows, the one who hates Title IX and The Americans with Disabilities Act, the one who thinks city money should go to communal pot gardens instead of schools, the one who pushes her crap agenda when Congressmen visit the classroom, and finally, the one who would like nothing more than to watch the Ukiah Athletic program go down in flames. Yes kiddies, the anti-Ukiah High School mascot has her own forum to rant and rave, and give us a little insight into the workings of local journalism (laff).

Why give it any run at all? Well, my hope is that she pops off enough to finally get people's attention that she really does have a grudge against the school. In the paper, we are constantly bludgeoned for the stupidest little transgressions , but many community members still think that because it is mainstream media, it doesn't have a bias. Um, sure. Neither does Fox News or the San Francisco Chronicle. Let Ms. Meadow's open her mouth a little more and hopefully the community will start realizing that the school needs more support and K.C. needs to be working at McDonald's.
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