Thursday, June 22, 2006

More problems with parents and coaches

Parents are after coaches here, again. I won't get into the details until I know more, but the incident is in the local Ukiah Daily Joke, so it's not like I'm releaseing something secret. If the problem is true, then it is wrong and will be dealth with. But if it is another selfish motive from a disgruntled parent.......enough already.

Here's why I think it could be a disgruntled parent:

Jane Doe claims that one of the reasons for this alleged misconduct is the fact that teachers are usually preferred when hiring is done for coaching positions.

"Teachers have first priority in coaching jobs," Doe said. "That system needs to change, because there are talented coaches that would love to do it."

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, so now we come to it. Let me explain something, we have openings every year for positions at the high school in all kinds of sports; diving, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and others. We barely scrape the barrel getting in qualified applicants to come coach sports at this school. Memo to Jane Doe; coaching your kid in little league does not qualify you to coach a varsity sport. Want to get into the game? Get into an assistant coach position or a Frosh or J.V. level and work your way up like everyone else. And hell yes an on-campus teacher gets priority on the job, and hell no they don't get to automatically stay if they do a horrible job. However, I know that I have a ton of interaction with students on campus while basketball is not in session. I work kids that are struggling in school, I talk to counselors, case carriers, administrators, other teachers, and I'm constantly trying to get borderline kids to remain in the academic/athletic game. The way I look at it, every varsity level coach should be on-campus, although realistically that won't work because not everyone wants to deal with issues of coaching.

I don't know what the hell has gone on in this town prior to my arrival in regards to school athletics, but I do know that it is damaging the athletic program. The community, especially our tabloid newspaper, does more damage than good because the vast majority of the kids want to play competitively, not listen to political garbage. A month ago, the Daily Joke ran an article that hinted at the "might have been", while the boys that did the actual work were given no credit to a season that better for the program, the school, and most importantly, the kids. This selfish crap that groups are engaging in needs to stop, it brings down the program.
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