Sunday, June 04, 2006

Drywall weekend

I spent much of the weekend repairing the water damaged wall from the Janurary flood. I had already torn down the wet drywall (no problem), sprayed a moldicide on the wood (again, no problem), and decided to drywall the 25' long by 3' high section that needed replacing. Just a note, the old drywall did not mold, thank God. However, the space between the baseboard and the drywall did have slight indications of mold, so I'm glad I was proactive.
I decided to do the drywall myself, since I didn't want to spend the massive amount of money that some asked for (around $300-400) to repair this small section. The supplies only cost about $60 for three sheets of 8' drywall, compound, tape, drywall knife, a tape measure, and one of those taping knives that you spread the compound with.
The work was not difficult as much as it was time consuming. Remember, I was never a very good handyman, and this was my first drywall. I worked about 3 hrs on both Saturday and Sunday, as I had a function to go to on Saturday (which was not fun) and 5 classes of essays to grade on Sunday (which might have been more fun). I ended up getting the entire section drywalled, and only about half taped. My worst feature in the process was simple measurement, which I have very little patience with and end up doing more guessing than actual measuring. This means that I have sections of drywall with 1" sections missing from it. More mud for the wall.
Not a whole lot of other things happened this weekend, except for a massive amount of relief that summer is almost upon us. I fired up the BBQ a couple of times this weekend for both steak and chicken.
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