Friday, June 09, 2006

The Big Project

This week was the culminating activity in Economics for my students. In March, the students got into groups of 3-5 to create a business model that incorporated different aspects of business and economics. I'm tired of grading for tonight, so I'll list the requirements, which will make clearer the reasons why my Seniors have spent the last 48 hours cursing my name.

Business Model Requirements
-Develop a Statement of Purpose
-List the Factors of Production
-Interview a local business owner or manager. Transcribe the interview and list the interviewee's background.
-Create a hypothetical entrepreneur
-Develop a floor plan
-Create a demand survey, a demand schedule, a demand curve, and establish what the best price for revenue would be if we simply based on demand.
-List three changes in supply related to your company.
-List three changes in demand related to your company.
-Explain the type of business organization you are. Advantage/disadvantage.
-Explain your businesses attitudes towards globalization with a focus on NAFTA and China.
-List your start-up costs
-List the cost to create a single unit.
-Determine the amount and time needed to recoup your start-up.
-Describe how you will finance your business.
-Give your business a name.
-Create a logo.
-Create a slogan.
-Create business cards.
-Create a coupon.
-Describe your competition.
-Explain your marketing strategy
-Create a print or video ad
-Analyze 5 similar product websites
-Give a target market analysis
-List your employees
-Give a detailed job description of four employee positions
-Create an employee manuel
-List local, state, federal unemployment figures and give an outlook.
-State governemnt regulations on your business.
-Analyze the effect of minimum wage on your business.
-Put in professional item and organize.
-Cite everything.
-Create a display.
-Create a promotional item to give away at your display.
-Be detailed, creative, and professional.

There you have. Now I'm grading those bad boys!
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