Friday, May 05, 2006

Star Testing Blues

I don't know why, but STAR testing has totally exhausted me. I think this is because of factors on many levels.

First off, the schedule is straight up odd. On Monday and Tuesday, we had a mammoth 3 hour test block where all the Seniors were doing Economics. This means I had to lesson plan and coordinate three hour blocks for five different classes of Seniors, three of which are non-college prep. Ouch. No problem you say? Try being with 35 Seniors in a classroom for an hour in May. The attention span is simply not there. So I had to make sure that everything ran smoothly in each class, which it did not. One class ran out of calculators, one classes worksheets were missing an important piece of info, one class had a substitute that couldn't understand the directions or work a DVD player, and all the classes were pissed as hell to be in school when it was 80 degrees outside.

The second problem has to do with the fact that many other teachers in the school are doing very little to help with the process of our building volunteering to take all the Seniors for the STAR testing days. In fact, some are acting like they are doing the tough job of administering the test, like handing out a test and making sure students are filling in weird bubble shapes is more difficult than the process I stated above. Teachers that do nothing during STAR testing, and I mean nothing, seem put out when asked to accommodate the needs of teachers that actually have to teach a class. Some of us are wondering how the other teachers would feel if they were told to take the Seniors, and we relax and administer the test.

Last, but not least, the end of the year stress is here. I'm having the constant complaining about the need for extra credit, the want of more assignments (to pad a grade), and the realization that their 3/4 semester of laziness will not get them a diploma.

Part of the problem is also my health. Although I play two hours of basketball a week in open gym, I can't seem to find time to work out otherwise. I come home exhausted physically, but I can't seem to sleep very well. My current lifestyle is probably not doing me any favors.

End of the year, be here.
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