Saturday, May 27, 2006

Senior Cut Day

is 6/06/06.

Get it?



My fifth period Seniors all bet me that I couldn't find out the date. I had it within 20 minutes. During this time, students take little vacations to Lake Mendocino and the Pacific Coast to get liquored up and camp. Normally, Senior Cut Day is on a Friday, which makes the camping a little more fun. This year, the famous cut day is on a Tuesday, which proves that this class of Seniors is totally unprepared to go into the real world. A cut day on Tuesday????

Well, my Seniors will understand that the planning was made in serious error, for they have a huge project due two days later on 6/8. I'm very excited to see these projects, to the point that I'm a little "butterfly" when I think of the potential results that could come out of it. Last year I was scared to death that my expectations were too high. I was dead, and I mean dead, wrong. The work was superb! I expect the same, if not better, this year!

And for those students that happen to frequent my blog, they should already know that on Senior Cut Day, I'm running class just like any other day.

*cough* attendance quiz *cough*
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