Monday, May 01, 2006

Protests and STAR tests

It's that time again, where Seniors are subjected to 3-4 hour blocks of Economics, students get ignorant parents to sign them out of taking the test, and teachers try to figure out the point to the entire process.

Yes, it's STAR testing time, compliments of State and Federal Governments. How about a little first day STAR testing hodgepodge:

-Our local State Senator, Wes Chesburo, voted to sanction the May Day boycott by Hispanics. In response, Mr. Chesburo, now a member of the "dumb bastard club", will never receive a vote from me for anything. He could run for town dog catcher and I'll vote for the other guy.

-Many Hispanics boycotted school to march or whatever. I asked a variety of teacher about their numbers, and most said about 60% of their Hispanic population missed school. I was missing about half.

-Speaking of attendance, my Senior attendance was spotty depending on the class. Both college prep classes were only missing 2-3 students, while my Intro level classes were missing about 5 in one class, and half of two other classes. I made very worth the while of the students that showed up in terms of grade. At this point, it has to be incentive based. Come on, 3-4 hour Economics classes are brutal. However, the students that missed the time are going to get a real nasty report when they come back and see that class did not stop because they were gone.

-What do you do for that much time? Well, one class worked the entire time on Economics Expo (I'll explain later) and a stock market portfolio power point. Another class watched an excellent Frontline video on Wal-Mart, completed a film guide, and did 30 situations involving Supply/Demand and the impact on Price. Finally, two other classes watched Roger and Me, and also completed the Supply/Demand paper. Overall, the classes were very productive.

-As I predicted, the protests are having the opposite effect of what the organizers intended. For the most part, this is because the organizers are ignorant fools who pushed naive workers into a politically driven cause. Take a look at Lou Dobbs excellent article about the radical fringe that is taking hold of the movement. This isn't about immigration anymore, as much as it's about agendas. On CBS 5's Eyewitness News, the head of the United Farm Workers union in Salinas stated that he was supported the boycott because "it was what Cesar Chavez would do." Except that it isn't. Chavez regularly protested against the use of illegal immigrants, as they pushed down the wages of legal union workers wages. I'm seeing more and more Mexican flags and the concept of Mexican pride. This includes glorifying a country that is corrupt on a monumental scale, that legalizes heroin and cocaine, and basically robs the common people of social order. Oh, and some of the protesters are starting to push the Mecha model, meaning the incorporation of the Southwest back to Mexico. Finally, I saw plenty of Che Guevara posters that discussed the "power of the worker". Che was never promoting worker pride, he was promoting the concept of revolution against anyone who happened to be in power. This is the same Che that told a British newspaper that he would have gladly nuked U.S. cities during the 1960's. And I guess the protesters are in interesting company. Neo-Nazi's are starting to use the image of Che Guevara to ramp up interest into the white pride lifestyle. Talk about your contradictions.
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