Saturday, May 20, 2006

Post pics, get nailed.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat is reporting that the city of Healdsburg (about 35 minutes south of Ukiah) has passed an ordinance that is going to make it easier for cops to nail underage drinkers. Why? Because a couple of pictures appeared on MySpace, thus making the town think that this drinking problem is a new phenomenon.

The article says that state law does not allow cops to enter an private dwelling to arrest underage drinkers, and that a city law must be passed for it to actually take effect, such as in Santa Rosa. I thought that the "plain sight" rule is pretty much common practice? According to state law, a kid could having a kegger on his back porch, and the police can't break it up? Bizarre. Of course, the first group that protests the law is the ACLU, who does an excellent job picking the wrong battles to fight.
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