Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The password is ...........STAR

The blandness that is STAR testing week remains upon us, to my utter dismay. Today I spent two hours talking about the Federal Reserve, labor pools, and ethanol to half full Senior classes. This weekend was the Senior Trip to Disneyland, and they didn't get back until 3 this morning, which meant a lot of absences for the last three days. It was basically a lot of notes and discussion, since I can't give out homework to half the students when the other half are away at a school sanctioned event. So I'm ready to be back to some semblance of normalcy.

Not much to report on the classroom front other than STAR. Final progress reports are in, and the grades are not very good at all. Out of five classes I have about 5-6 A's, and about 8-10 F's. However, students just want to pass at this juncture, so the dozens of D's I have are hardly registering a blip, which is sickening, but not surprising if you read my previous post. So I'll get a half-dozen calls from parents next week, that much is to be expected. My hope is that the parents realize that many of their children have spent much of the semester kicking back, and now the consequences of that are setting in. I'm getting two requests lately; extra credit and more assignments. I'm not about grant either. I work my butt off preparing the assignments they are supposed to do. I'm not about to do extra because they are lazy.

FED Thursday maybe?
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