Sunday, May 21, 2006

Memo to the Mexican Government

Don't ever criticize U.S. immigration policy again. Before you start spouting off that our policies are xenophobic or racist, you might want to do some serious construction on your own house.
The San Francisco Chronicle tells the story of real prejudice.

Seriously, maybe the most overlooked story regarding immigration is the total disaster that occurring in Mexico. The country has first rate resources, first rate workers, and getting more and more foreign investment......and it's STILL a Third World nation. What's more, people are getting tired of it. While the mainstream media is focused on U.S. border policy, others are starting to realize that many Mexicans are sick and tired of having to leave Mexico to make a living. The conditions in Mexico are disgusting, with drug lords taking control of cities, rampant unemployment, and horrible corruption. I'm totally against socialist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, but he asked the right question when he demanded that current president Vicente Fox explain why Mexicans are fleeing Mexico. Obrador said that it was now a matter of pride. It should be. Right now the native peoples are not happy in their native lands.
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