Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Laura Clark must be bored.

For those that don't know, Laura Clark is a writer for the Ukiah Daily Journal, the local fishwrap that has a nasty habit of finding everything wrong with the Ukiah Unified School District. I could list them, but you can pan back to a variety of post to get my point.

I read the Daily Journal during the Silent Reading Time around 11 a.m., and today I was greeted by one of those stories that makes you wonder what the local paper does for its news cycle. According to the article in the Ukiah Daily Journal , a parent was sent a letter twice by the school, in Spanish. The problem is that the family is actually Portuguese, speaks only English, yada, yada, yada. Now the newspaper and the offended party are speaking of this incident like it demands a Ken Starr investigation. This story is not news.

Is the incident regrettable? Sure, it can be a little frustrating to get a card in a different language, and a little inconvenient to call the school and make clarifications. However, the Daily Journal makes no mention about the fact that the school has 2000 kids, the cards are made automatically, the school just finished STAR testing, and oh yea, the school is understaffed due to woeful funding.

Please, a little real reporting by the paper would be nice.

By the way, in other news:
-A group of Seniors went to San Francisco to the Federal Reserve.
-The school is showing an excellent photography exhibit.
-The school is adding new Advanced Placement courses next year.
-The school is adding an new International Studies course next year (shameless plug).
-The school is going to the Berkeley Model United Nations next year.
-Students have been accepted to Stanford, Columbia, and MIT, among others.

Not to mention the countless other positive acts that other teachers could add to the list. It is time for the Ukiah Daily Journal to support the high school in its academic progress, instead of trying so hard to vilify it.
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