Saturday, May 20, 2006

I couldn't have said it better.

Even though I am all for higher standards, and more accountability for education (administrators and teachers), I despise No Child Left Behind. It is a political ploy that is trying to make the government out to be the "all knowing" education institution, when in reality the whole model doesn't address the real problems not only in education, but in societies view of education.

Education Wonks posted a fantastic editorial about No Child Left Behind, one that should resonate with all educators. NCLB expects that all students be proficient in core areas by 2014, an expectation that will never be met for a variety of reasons (take a look at headlines, immigration ring a bell?). But the tragic part of the bill is that 100% of the responsibility lays on the teachers for demanding proficiency. No responsibility is laid on the most important person in a child's life, the parents. And as Ed Wonk states, the teachers can't require students to do anything. For example:
-A student refuses to take STAR testing. School can't force the student to take the test, or even try on it.
-Students constant come to class with nothing, no pencil, no paper, no books. And it is often not an issue with money, it is an issue with responsibility.
-Parents hold their kids out of class for over a week because of the sniffles.
-Students chose to fight or do drugs at school.
-Parents insist that their child is both totally innocent, and a hell of a lot smarter than the teacher.

Seriously, I'm still waiting for the component NCLB that actually puts parents up to the challenge of raising their kids.
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