Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Carnival Time

The Education Carnival is up at NYC Educator. Check it out!

I'm having a bitch of a last two weeks. Today was first time in a very long time that the smallest inkling of "is this worth it" crept into my head. I'm letting a tiny group of kids that are hardly ever at school dictate the rest of my teaching experience, and it is driving me nuts. Without getting into detail, the situation is basically that their are habitually absent students that do not meet the minimum requirements to pass my class. However, the parents of these students feel that it is the job of the teacher to adjust their life around the absences of the child. When that is not being accomplished, the parent calls meetings to say that instructors are being unfair (like I'm the one absent for months). This problem would easily be solved if someone simply said, "Guess what, your child did not meet the requirements". But unreasonable demands are being given the time of day, and that crap is taking away from the time of day that I need with the students who are actually here. Now I'm spending more time trying to justify my high standards, than I am implementing those standards. It is unreal.

I guess I really need to bare down because I'm really enjoying the classroom end of the days. Today was full of excellent discussion on English as a national language, labor/management situations, and a simulation involving a labor union and the management of a large hotel. The students are very involved, even at this late point in the year. What could be better?

I know, how about putting the responsibility to learn on the student, and stop wasting the teacher's time. We only have 160 other students to teach........
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