Saturday, May 06, 2006

Be NCLB, like me!

I found out on Friday that I am officially NCLB compliant, not that I really cared. However, it seems that the district has a few months before the Federal government does nothing..errrrr...comes crashing into the district to make sure the teachers know their stuff. Talking about major props, I'm officially indebted to the staff at the district office for doing the work of going through ALL the teachers files and checking for NCLB compliance. That's a whole lot of degrees, units, classes and professional development. Thank God I didn't have to figure it out. In the end, my degree makes it very easy for me to teach four core subjects; History, Geography, Government, Economics. I was going to teach Public Speaking this year, but I was told "no" because I wasn't NCLB compliant in English, which makes perfect sense now doesn't it.
Although the intentions are excellent, NCLB is still a mammothly flawed game that still manages to sluff the problems of education to the teachers, without treating them with any sort of respect. I'm still waiting for the question about Special Ed to be answered. I'm still waiting for the boycott question to be addressed. I'm still waiting to hear how NCLB will address the 95% clause in the boycott. Or how the federal government CUT spending to Title One, which goes directly to support ELL students to pass the tests. I'm still waiting for the answers on how schools in declining enrollment, with increased costs, are supposed to pay for MORE transportation AND professional development for teachers if they become "Program Improvement" schools.
I know teachers that are simply drinking the Republican Kool-Aid supporting this legislation. I just can't understand how any teacher can possibly call it, " A good thing."
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