Saturday, May 27, 2006

5 Things

From Tiny Nose, Big Heart (check Fav Bloggers).

5 items in my fridge
1. Milk
2. Fresh Ravioli
3. Shredded cheese
4. Oddwalla Orange Juice
5. A huge container of pickles.

5 items in my closet
1. Dress shirts
2. Slacks
3. Polo shirts
4. Some drawings that my Grandmother did. Some were featured at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.
5. Stuff I'm selling on E-Bay this summer.

5 items in my car
1. Bag of basketballs
2. Case of 12oz waters.
3. My cd's.
4. My cell phone.
5. Case of Cup O' Noodles.

5 items in my wallet
1. A $2 bill.
2. ATM card
3. Credit Card
4. Driver's License. Picture was taken two days after the flood. God, I look horrid.
5. PADI License. Scuba!

I tag any sorry soul bored enough to do this.
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