Monday, April 03, 2006

There are those that are missing and those that are back

Maybe it was the time change.
Maybe it was the constant rain.
Maybe it was the fact that it was Monday.
Or maybe it was entitled attitude of the students that allowed them to take a day off today.
I kid you not, well over half of three classes were gone today. That's right, a big 60-70%! Both my College Prep classes and one Intro class decided that they simply were not in the mood to deal with that horribly tough thing called high school. This is just another in a series of the "I deserve" attitude from the current generation of instant gratification junkies. Sure, I realize that I have a few students who are sick. I get that. But not 70%, and not the 5 or so that I'm averaging in absences a day from these classes.
But I went about my day, giving a variety of quizzes, reviewing for a test that we will have tomorrow, and clarifying the theorem that we have been working on. My only irritation is the fact that many students are going to have D's and F's on their report cards, and the song-and-dance that I have to go through with parents is not something I look forward to.
"My daughter is a good student."
"In my class, she has a D."
"Well, she says she does all her homework, and I don't see any work from your class."
"Every day I put the agenda on the board and ask my students to copy it. It has all the work, homework, upcoming quizzes, tests, etc."
"Well, she says her work is done."
"My report says that she does some of her work, and that work is done at a 'C' average."
"I heard you have a lot of projects during this year. Isn't that a bit tough for Seniors."
"Maybe your teaching style isn't right for my daughter. Can we request another teacher?"

Sure lady, request another teacher. In fact, while your at it, why don't you bend over and let your daughter kick you in the ass. Seriously, teachers should be able to be truthful to parents without having to worry about sensitivity.

"Your daughter is a spoiled brat that doesn't like the word 'no'. She hardly shows up, does half-ass work, and is about as organized as the Congressional Budget Office. She's not going to Intro because that is for people with different needs, not lazy asses. She's not going to another teacher, because they don't like lazy asses either. Oh yeah, she's not going to college, because she can barely do high school."

At a literacy conference it was stated that 55% of graduating high school students that go straight to a 4-year school are totally unprepared for college. No kidding. Think missing high school might have something to do with it?

One person that has shown up is an old friend, Tiny Nose-Big Heart (check right). I gladly welcome back the princess of passionate blogging!
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