Friday, April 21, 2006

Put down the paper and slowly back away

I was taking a look at First Year Teacher's blog recently when I came upon a story that is becoming ever more prevalent in schools, the lack of paper. One of the costs that most school districts, including ours, is trying to cut back on is copier costs. Apparently, it is the little old Xerox machine that is breaking the bank for the school district. Occasionally, we might be reminded that we need to cut back on using the paper, something that I actively pursued during this year. I'm finally getting tests and quizzes down without errors, and to my standards, and not having to copy new ones every year. I've also put more quizzes on the projector, which saves paper. I'd say I've cut my paper output by a good 30-40%.
Still, to have to worry about something as necessary as paper is pretty damn ridiculous. What's worse is hearing the complaining when I tell kids to take out paper. "We use too much paper in this class." "You're not very environmentally friendly."
My response?
"Just another chapter in my saga to destroy one full acre of Amazon rain forest by the end of this year. Thank you for contributing."

By the way, go ahead and ask your professors for paper, kiddies. That will really be a laugh.
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