Thursday, April 27, 2006

National "I don't know why the hell I'm protesting" Day

Figure a way out of this one Margaret Spellings.

May 1st is the first day of STAR testing, the wonderfully planned event that will help determine the federal fate of our school. On that same day, Hispanics all over the nation will stay home from work, and school, making it the single largest possible fucking disaster for our school. 25% of the students are going to be missing in action. Oh yeah, those 25% are also the one's we are supposed be working really hard to help get better test scores. And guess what! They're all going to have permission from their parents! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the mother of all idiotic moves by the Latino community.

Why is it idiotic? What, besides the fact that the school will lose ADA? Besides the fact that STAR testing will be screwed? Besides the fact that the students don't know what they are protesting about? Yep, that's right, the students still think that HR 4437 is going to be passed and that they are protesting about that bill. Want to hear more idiocy? How about the dumbest bastards on the planet, the California State Senate, PASSING A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING THE WALKOUT!?!?!?!?!?!? How the hell can you support education, especially at this time of year, and support students leaving school?!??! You are destroying the very institution you aim to help fix!

One of the main supporters, and head idiot, is the head of Centro Azteca, a man named Miguel Araujo. During an interview with CBS 5 in San Francisco, Araujo stated that "Hispanics don't need to be in school since the so many are dropping out and the schools aren't doing their job. I think that this is evidence that administrators and teachers are not doing their job right". Oh really asshole.....that's not what you were saying four years ago when you were so far up Peter Camejo's ass that you could play hockey with his colon. How about the whole "importance of education" and the support of teachers? Where is that now? How about the gang problem that the Hispanic community refuses to take an active effort in eliminating? Does that impact Hispanic education? What about refusing to let kids speak English at home? Could that be a reason? Sending kids to Mexico for a month? Could be a reason? How about sheer lack of importance for academic education in the Hispanic community? Might have something to do with it? No, you decide that students that miss school are going to get a "life lesson". Ok Miguel, here's what you, and those dipshit Senators, are teaching them:

-Don't worry about being educated, because Miguel will simply tell you what is right and lead you around by the nose.

-You know that free education that legal AND ILLEGAL immigrants take for granted? Fuck it. Who needs a system that spends billions of dollars specifically on programs that help Second Language Learners like MESA, Title One, Hispanic Retreats, special guidence counsulars, special mentors, special tutors, etc, etc, etc.

-Follow me and I'll give the Hispanic community the respectable image that it deserves. You know, one that takes advantage of children's naivity to parlay a political agenda.

-Finally, and the most important lesson of all, don't bother assimilating to the culture of the United States. That's right! Since we are Hispanics, and obviously different from the Italians, Germans, Polish, Scottish, Irish, Japanese, Chinese, and other dozens of cultures who have assimilated into the U.S. culture, we need to stand strong and united against the horrid attempts of America to make the transition smooth.

One question. Why aren't these advocates for social change taking their protests to Mexico? You know, where they are LEGAL CITIZENS.

Ok Margaret, I'm waiting for an answer.
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