Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just because I didn't work on school, doesn't mean I didn't work

I'll have to admit, working around the house is rather good for the soul. I did my first little electrical job by repairing a bad light socket. I went up to the attic, opened up the cool little box, dropped down the socket, and went to work. Now I know what you are saying, who cares? But you really need to understand that I know zero about real home maintaining. In the last 10 months I've learned PVC, gas pipe, electrical, various plumbing, roofs.....all kinds of handy man work that helps the ego. Plus, it really helps the economic part of the equation. I've also done a lot of catch-up yard work. When the Russian River detoured down Washo Drive, it left a tremendous amount of weed seed in my back yard. The massive rain, followed by the recent 70 degree temperatures have created psycho weeds that demand to grow taller than the property owner.
Serious flood damage also got taken care of this week. The entire duct work of the house is fixed, along with a new furnace and air conditioner. The project was completed by a company called Redwood Heating and Cooling. The workers were great and everything was done in two days. When I say the workers were great, I mean they were great. They kicked ass and were complete gentlemen in the process. So that is done.
Finally, I did the family obligation thing and traveled to all the in-laws. Father-in-law in Chico and mother-in-law in Discovery Bay. Husbandly obligations are complete, although visiting the mother-in-law is fun because her husband likes to talk shit, eat rib-eyes and drink a whole hell of a lot of wine.
School work awaits and I'll start it tonight.
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