Friday, April 14, 2006

I'd like to welcome those readers of the Ukiahilite

Well, now I know that my students have found this blog.

Today I read a new issue of the Ukiahilite, the school news paper, and a student mentioned that he viewed my blog, and then focused on my post regarding Longmont, Colorado's high school banning the American flag. Maybe they'll learn what life is really like for a teacher in America.

I'll also address those that make the Ukiahilite with the following comment; your op-ed columns are the best I've seen in the five years that I've been here, and not because three of the four are from my students. For once, all address interesting and 'real' issues, not stories of how homework sucks and the where the next party is going to be at. I know all four columnists, and I easily say that they could rival the New York Times in terms of diverse complexity. One is a left-wing energy drink that drills statistics at you while presenting a complex argument. One is a McCain-esque Republicanite that fills his article with intelligent political insight and interesting personal experiences. His column also has the greatest title I've ever laid eyes on. "I Love Trees........and George Bush!", with a picture of him hugging a large tree. Classic. The third is a kid that is smart enough to understand the world, mellow enough to realize what matters, and coy enough not to allow anyone to catch on. His columns are interesting and filled with good advice for teenagers everywhere. Oh yea, he's probably the guy on the other end of the Internet connection that's kicking your ass in Call of Duty 2 as well. Finally, there's the tough feminist. No, she's not the Patricia Ireland or Betty Friedan type. She's the type that is confident enough and strong enough not to really care what you think because she will tear whatever barrier there is to the ground. Therefore, she talks honestly, not with a bunch of politically correct rubbish.

Props to the op-ed columnists, I dive for your sections the second I get the paper. And welcome to my little world. You won't hear about it in class.
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