Monday, April 17, 2006

Breakin 2: The Electric Bugaloo

I'm finally at Spring Break and I've decided to do nothing with school at the current time. It's actually a mental health kind of thing. See, right now I think that the house needs more attention than the stack of papers that I need to grade. Of course, the light in the bathroom and the weeds next to my fence aren't going to bullshit me when I come back to school regarding grades. Here are the goals for the week:

-Get the heating ducts, the air conditioner and the furnace work all done.
-Reseed the back lawn, which was destroyed in the flood.
-Grade the papers
-Plan for STAR testing
-Fix bathroom light fixture
-Tear apart father-in-laws computer
-Start to tear out drywall in garage
-Relax and fun somewhere
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