Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Week in Review

I've been grading papers almost the entire day and I'm now ready for a little relaxation. So, I'm here to read a couple of blogs, chug down my Fat Tire beer, and do a little writing.

-Two weeks ago the weather was 75 degrees and sunshine. This week, near freezing temperatures and snow on all the local mountain tops. Just for clarification, that doesn't happen much. My wife had to drive up Hwy. 101 to Willits carefull most of the week, and arrived Friday to 2 inches of snow on the ground. Not that lucky in Ukiah, where it just rained and was very cold.

-Ukiah's Varsity boys basketball team played in the first round of the Division 2 section play-offs and lost at Casa Grande High School in Petaluma. The simple fact that they got to the play-offs was excellent, the fact that the game was a thriller to the end made it all the more enjoyable. I didn't get along very well with some of the seniors on this team, but damn I'm proud of how mentally tough they became at the end of the season.

-My Intro kids are now doing Stock Market research in groups. I've ran into interesting problems with this group, mainly on what kind of companies might be unacceptable for them to buy stock from. I'll dedicate a full post to this later.

-We had a "State of the School" sort of presentation before the faculty council on Friday. Some issues as of late have been totally overblown by the local newspaper and some of the teachers felt like they were being left in the dark about what was happening in the school. I came out of the meeting feeling no different than I did when I went in. I'm of the opinion that for a school of 2000 students, we are very fortunate to not have very many problems. Unfortunately, the idiot local newspaper enjoys finding controversy in everything the school district does, and paints the high school as a target.

-I'm officially anti-Albertsons. While in the store last night, I had an experience with the self check-out that left me with plenty of vile poison towards the sub-par grocery establishment. I was having a major problem with getting the whole system to work because my wife had removed one of the bags and started walking to the car. Because I removed one of the bags, the system was telling me "Please replace the bag to the bagging area", and not letting me pay. I'm standing there with $20 in my hand, and the self check-out supervisor is just standing, looking at me with some stupid, bored look on his face. In need of serious assistance I stated, "You see that I need some help here!". He shrugged his shoulders and told me to wait, taking his sweet ass time to get the system going. Angry and embarrassed because of the line behind me, I vowed never to set foot in that fucking store again.

-"Gandhi is from India? I thought he was that little green, stretchy guy."
"No, that's Gumby."
"Oh. Well, same difference."

You can't make it up.
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