Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A wake up for those that think the world owes them something.

A few months ago I read an article in Newsweek about how parents are becoming very concerned that their children are not going to be guaranteed something that they pretty much had when they got out of college; a good job. Apparently, a college degree is no longer the only thing that employers look at when they hire a college graduate.

A moment of pause here.........I don't know about you, but my parents were always telling me that just a degree won't cut it.

Well, parents are starting to realize that their poor children might have to struggle and fight to make it in the world when they get out of college. More kids are living at home, more kids are going to J.C.'s, and more kids are leaving college with huge student loans.........and then going bankrupt because they can't pay them off. It must be a problem with the system, right? President's economic policy? The greedy corporate structure?

How about a spoiled brat child that makes stupid decisions!

Ahhhh, now that sounds a little more correct.

I found My Money Blog recently (thanks to Plugged In Teacher, check the blog roll) and have found it a quite interesting, not only from an economics stand point, but also a practical sociological stand point. But check out THIS post on college graduates and the sense of entitlement. So many kids leave high school and blow their college money on living too much of a good life too soon. Then they arrive in the real world and expect Mom and Dad to bail them out, you know, sort of like when they were in high school.

Make your choices, but don't complain to me about student loans and assume I don't have any only because my parents paid them all. You know how I paid off my student loans? I lived exactly as I did when I was a student until my loans were all paid off. That meant living with roommates in an apartment barely above code, splitting expenses, eating cheap food ($1 Chinese anyone?), going camping instead of taking cruises, not driving my used car much, and so forth. I figured if it was good enough for me for four years, it should be good enough for another four.

Hell, kids get out of high school and expect the world to give them help!!! I don't know how many times I warn my Seniors that the life begins when they graduate high school, and it can begin very rough if you aren't ready. I constantly try to instill the idea that those that waste the years (like I did, just after high school) end up giving a better opportunity to the other guy going for your job. But all we can do is warn, and often it falls on deaf ears. I have parents that will do anything so their kid can graduate, even if it means clearing the 50% of the time that the student wasn't there.

Yeah, that will really go by well in the workplace.
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