Saturday, March 18, 2006

The MySpace Experiment Continues.....

I have received dozens of comments and questions regarding my old Myspace post. The responses have been everything from students who have questions about Internet privacy to irate students demanding that teachers "stay the hell away from a student's private life". From teachers that think that MySpace is the tool of the devil to teachers that have MySpace accounts and correspond with students using it. When it comes down to it, the MySpace revolution has gone nowhere, although there are signs of it calming down up yonder.

Our school has managed to figure out how to use Officer Dave (the resident Internet filter) to completely disable access to MySpace, including the Google cache loophole. Think that solves the problem? Of course not. Although MySpace is gone, other copy sites are popping up all over the place, driving the librarian totally nuts, and turning our buildings lab into a place that is not conducive to doing school work. A couple of teachers have fake MySpace accounts created by bored students. Some are flattering, while others are the exact opposite.

I had a MySpace account for a few weeks at the beginning of the school year. I had a massive amount of hits and about 30 contacts, but I had to shut down the site after personal contacts started running into professional contacts, if you get my drift. That was not the best of all combinations. So after I shut down that site, I immediately set up a site that was strictly for people other than students. I have a nice group of contacts that include certain musicians that I like, old high school friends, people I hung out with in 9th grade, and old teammates. That site is hidden from the prying eyes of students, which isn't hard to do. Just don't put pertinent information in the system and you can be very well shaded. If there are teachers that want to add me as a contact, e-mail me and I'll give you the address.

Today, I opened up a MySpace account for students and ex-students only. I already have one contact from an ex-student. My hope is that I can put a positive spin on a craze that is actually pretty stable in the more informed sections of the world. I say that only because I still get messages from teachers whose principals think that teachers run MySpace and are responsible for all the posting of negative images.

21st Century people. Let's catch up!
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