Thursday, March 16, 2006

A loss in the War on Terror

I really did admire Congressman Harold Ford Jr.
I thought he was a moderate, honest politician that seemed to work to benefit not only his Tennessee constituents, but also the nation as a whole. In fact, I was really hoping that he would have nailed the Minority Leader position over that screaming lunatic Nancy Pelosi. Then, on Imus in the Morning, I saw the commercial that put Ford at the Port of Baltimore, discussing how he was against the port deal because it was a threat against the security of the United States.

Wonderful. Another dishonest play, all in the name of political grandstanding.

The ignorance about the situation with the ports (such as the fact that it changes nothing about security) is beyond staggering. But the real tragedy is the image that we have now portrayed in the area of the Middle East that is actually making an attempt to accept the market economy. Yes, Dubai is still pulling in the oil money, but the money is making hospitals, universities and malls. And now we are telling the country that helps us the most (employs American workers, buys American steel, buys American planes, allows military vessels to port) is being told that they are not quite safe enough to play ships with the United States (they can play a lot of other games though, since they do own plenty in the U.S.). The image that this portrays to the Arab world could be the single biggest blow in the War on Terrorism. Regardless of how you feel about the president, he was correct in the State of the Union with his warning about protectionist policies.

Now the U.S. Congress has delivered Islamic fundamentalists exactly what they wanted, an image of a selfish, greedy, ignorant America.
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