Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Interesting day

-This was the latest I've ever been to work, with only 20 minutes to spare before my first class. My wife needed copies of All Quiet on the Western Front that I had bought for my old World History classes. Of course, she needed them at about 6:30 this morning. I hated getting to work that late and it threw me out of whack for much of Zero Period. I like the time to prepare and get into "Academic Mode". Plus, I didn't get to listen to Imus, dammit.

-Students are reading my blog. So are parents. Hopefully they both get these points out of this blog:
A: Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Teachers are no exception.
B: Reflection makes better teachers.
C: I Love Teaching.
D: I really care about kids.
E: The Dodgers and the Lakers are teams full of Satan's children!

-The Intro kids were totally engaged in the Power Point Notes regarding other types of investing (other than stocks). Out of all three Intro classes, only about 15% actually had a savings account, and most of them stated that they put money away every month. 80% of that group is made up of girls. I'm not totally surprised since the overall academic level since I started teaching is higher with girls than with boys (Time and Newsweek have already addressed that).

-I have about a dozen babies in various classes now that someone decided to do this project with dolls that look, and act, like babies. They are this rather heavy doll that will giggle, make noises, and cry at various times during the day. When the baby cries, the student must insert a key in its back to make it stop. Then it can go again at any time. Plus, the baby has sensors in it that register how the baby is held, if the head is supported, and if it is held too firmly. This means that students have crying babies in their arms while I'm trying to run a class. Excuse me, let me restate. I have FOUR STUDENTS IN TWO SEPARATE CLASSES that have crying babies. Both 4th and 5th have four students that carry babies, a joy to listen to during discussions. This will last a little over a week. If the point is to make it realistic, then let's make it realistic. How about when a student comes into the class with a baby, I say this:
"I'm sorry, but this is a workplace, not a nursery. However, I can recommend some excellent day care providers for you. You must come to work without the child, or you can perform efficiently."
I know, I sound like a killjoy.
But to you want a baby going off in your classroom, every 5 minutes?

-Question that came up today:
"If drug sniffing dogs are on campus, should the dogs be allowed to sniff around the teacher's parking lot too?"

Can you believe that I heard some teachers
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