Sunday, March 19, 2006

Giving credit where credit is due

Usually I'm slamming the local newspaper, the Ukiah Daily Journal, for any number of terrible stories, most of which don't have a point or are simply wrong. The Op-Ed pieces are overseen by Editor-At-Large, K.C. Meadows, who is known around campus as a woman who simply hates the high school, since she spends many hours writing about the horrors of our institution.

Well, today the UDJ finally acknowledged something that teachers have been saying about teenage drinking...that the parents need to get more involved. Last week, the Journal did a half-hearted report about the yearly study conducted locally about the youngins hitting the bottle. In today's Op-Ed article, Miss Meadows admits that the town has a major problem and that parents need to step up. She quoted something from a meeting earlier in the year,

"Every hour spent watching a play rehearsal, or attending a soccer game is better than down the road spending an hour in a counseling office or a probation office. It's about being present for your children as often and as unobtrusively as possible."


Nice to see the media on the right side of this on-going battle.
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