Monday, March 27, 2006

Entertainment, not education purposes.

So I ran into a student teacher's blog that happened to review this blog for a class she was taking. Her final opinion, nice for entertainment, but serves little educational purpose. Her justification was my Playboy article that described how my Seniors often pushed the edge of the envelope regarding what stocks they could and could not purchase.

First, yes, this blog is a lot about blowing off steam. Yes, it has been more so lately with all the crap going on.

However, if you think the Playboy issue isn't something that is experienced in the classroom, you would be wrong. I was once a student teacher that looked at all the educational professor's advice and all the different theories of classroom management. When it comes down to it, 75% of everything I learned in a credential classroom is fairly useless.

So sit back and enjoy. You might learned something.
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