Friday, March 31, 2006

Clean up the old blog roll

Out with the old and in with the new.

What up, Mz.Smlph?: Apparently she irritated some colleagues and had to go off the air. She mentioned that she would be back in a short time, but that time hasn't materialized. Her realistic and witty commentary will be sorely missed.

Middle School Mayhem: Hasn't updated since February. Buh, bye!

But Wait, There's More...: Leesepea is a pretty decent replacement for Mz. Smlph. She seems to be in the "real world" when it comes to teaching, but she's so damn happy about it. Smart, clever, and interesting, I'm glad to have Leesepea on the roll.

MyMoneyBlog: It isn't often that I recommend a site that I've only recently started to read. However, MyMoneyBlog can do some wonderful things in terms of saving money. Jonathan Ping is a 30 year old man who is attempting to become wealthy by saving money. Along the way, he wants to help you by blogging about it. Oddly enough, about 6 weeks after I started reading his site, Jonathan was featured in Business Week. So far I've changed credit cards to better transfer rates, and started a Sharebuilder Stock program where Costco members can get anywhere from $65-$85 in free cash after their one time investment (only $4 trade fee!).

That's it for now. My Bloglines list is 69 long, all good reads. However, the ones that I have listed I pay much more attention to, not just skim over for interesting stories. Give'em a look.
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