Monday, March 20, 2006

As if it was needed

A vice-principal came into my classroom at the beginning of 5th period.
"Someone hit your car."
Now, I'm hoping to God that someone simply got egg crazy on my ride, but that was not to be. Walking out to my car, I found a police officer and a group of campus aides in front my automobile. The front, driver side of the car had been drilled by some idiot who manufactured the perfect hit-and-run. Front fender is toast, along with the entire bumper, grill, and nearly everything behind it. Simply put, I was not a happy camper.

After a short investigation, the police officer seemed to think that the chances of finding the red, probably truck, that nailed me was very slim. Thankfully, I have insurance. But after the flood, an extra $500 is not what I'm looking to shell out right now.

Yo, Mr. or Ms. Hit-and-Run. Karma will bite you in the ass.
Trust me.
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