Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another week upcoming

I'm kinda getting ready to prepare for the Supply and Demand part of Economics, which can be considered some of the more boring parts of the entire subject. I've now worked almost my entire Economics notes onto Power Points, something that will really help in the boredom of notetaking. Still, one thing that people have yet to understand is that (teachers that is) note taking can be interesting and a little entertaining. I use students as examples, keep kids on their toes and try to find real world connections. Sure, you are always going to have the kids that nod off, but they will suffer for it when grade time comes. Sure enough, I have a couple of kids that are going to get absolutely slapped in the face when they realize that their report card has an "F" on it. I make it real clear, the notes are on the test, there is no attempt at fooling you. But some never figure it out.

Yep, this is the grind-it-out stretch that we have to deal with. In about 3 weeks, it will be clear sailing till the end!
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