Friday, February 24, 2006

More additions

Currently, I have 67 blogs that I observe through Bloglines, but it is time to place some of those that I read more regularly on my Blogroll.

A Constrained Vision: Katie is from Washington D.C. and I've been reading her work for a rather long time. Her posts are great reads, and I often myself drawn into responding to them out of irritation. Good irritation :)

Assorted Stuff: The heading is "Just What it Says". AS's site is exactly that. Not only is the blog a good read, check out the links to sites that are great for enhancing the classroom experiance.

Plugged In Teacher: The posts are always quick, but the gold nugget links that Plugged In finds are excellent! If you are into technology at all, P.I.T. is a must for your daily reads. Thanks to Plugged, I now have X-Files fonts on my Power Point notes!

Mentor Matters: Ms. Ris brings the world of Special Education into the light with her insightful posts. Think you have it rough, try teaching Emotionally Disabled students.

I have plenty of others that I'll stick on during a later date.
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