Monday, January 23, 2006

Super Freak?

Well, with the new administration has come the policy that is starting to comb the nation. The elimination of "freak dancing". For those of you that haven't been inside the gym of a high school dance, "freaking" is essentially rubbing up against each other to emulate sex while dancing it up. Regardless of what you hear, it is a form of fore-play, and a little cat-and-mouse game to make the opposite sex really want each other. Ukiah High School banned this style of dancing because, to put it simply, parents demanded it. Apparently some of the chaperones were shocked at what they were seeing and complained to the school to make it stop. Well, it is now stopped. Now, for something real shocking, those same parents might want to check out their kids on a Friday or Saturday night while they ARE NOT dancing.

Anyway, the damage is a lot worse than that, at least according to the kids. Many kids told me that hip-hop music was totally outlawed because the language was too explicit and sexually provocative. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Got any music suggestions?

Check out the Contra Costa Times for more on the Freak Show.

Update on 1/29/06

Uh, oh.
Now Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa has become the next "no freaks allowed" style dance school. The only surprising part is that Ukiah nailed the "no freak" rule before Montgomery did (we are in the same league, and sometimes we feel that Monty has quite the ego). Actually, the other new thing that I found a little disturbing is "The Thizzle", a dance that impersonates a person on Ecstasy. That's a little disconcerting. Check out the Santa Rosa Press Democrat for more.
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