Monday, January 30, 2006

No Mas!

Today was the day to whine and complain in two Intro classes. For some reason, these two classes did a number on trying their best to irritate me. While talking about choice and trade-offs, we asked the question about what you can do with one dollar. In true immature fashion, the answers became "roll it and smoke it", "buy a 40oz", "buy a can of Cope", "pay two bums to fight", etc, etc. It became a class of middle school students, which I simply detest. So, they had their little annoying day yesterday and I have no problems booting out a whole lot of them. I was about ready today, but I often hold back because sometimes it is simply a case of an off day. Nope. This was one of those days were I was being pushed, intentionally. Add with that the constant whining over too many quizzes, hating school, having too much work, and I was about have a culling in the classroom. I'm starting opportunity costs tomorrow, something that students must focus on. Therefore, I will put up with no garbage. There is no excuse for that behavior from a group of seniors, and I will not tolerate it.
On the other hand, College Prep is doing rather well with the Stock Market Simulation. I signed up for the simulation at the Stock Market Game for a competition against other schools. The kids seem pretty into it. Give it a look!
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