Sunday, January 15, 2006

The missed devastation

When looking at the damage regarding the Great Northern California Floods of 2005, the primary media focus has been on the Napa Valley (local and nation wide) and a little town on the lower Russian River called Gurneville (the "e" is silent). However, missing from the vast media attention was the southern Mendocino town of Hopland, known for being the home of both Red Tail Ale and Fetzer Vineyards. During the storm, the Russian River and little Feliz Creek overflowed their banks and created a massive flood through the entire south end of the town. Four to five feet of water destroyed a gas station, a bar, a market, several apartment buildings, and dozens of houses that dotted this quaint little town.
However the greatest impact was felt with the destruction of Hopland Elementary school. Four feet of water surged through the school in what was called a "total loss" by some of the teachers that I talked to that helped in the clean up. The 152 students and 11 staff members are now being bussed to Ukiah to attend school there. Interesting statistic from the article; that Hopland Elementary suffered the worst damage of any school in California. Another interesting tidbit, FEMA has already visited Hopland to survey the two to three million in damage to the school.
Our insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow. Right now, our material goods losses look to be around $2,000. That's not including the fence, the heating ducts, and the mold we found today in the baseboards of the garage. We had hoped to avoid the mold, but we didn't quite make it.

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