Saturday, January 07, 2006

It could have been much worse.

The shock of viewing it for the first time is the real killer.
Our New Year's Eve trek from Discovery Bay to Ukiah was an adventure in itself (101 North of Cloverdale to Ukiah was closed. Had to take bad roads), but the sight of our metal gate blown open, our lawn furniture wedged underneath my wife's car, and everyone in the neighborhood looking in stunned disbelief was the real nasty shocker.
However, with inventory taken and all things considered, we were very lucky. Our damage looked like this:

-Garage had 5 inches of water in it, and left two inches of mud.
-1/3 of back fence and part of the side fence are gone.
-Mud in in our heating ducts
-A couple thousand dollars of books and materials were destroyed.
-My Spawn and X-Men comic books were destroyed (damn!)

I'm bummed about the comics, but that is nothing compared to the many houses on hour street that are total loses, or even those that had an inch of water in their house. We lucked out. I know that it sounded bad in the beginning, but neither my wife nor myself have gone through something like this, so we were pretty stunned. But a little time has shown that those that live down the street, or those that live down the highway in Hopland have it much worse.

The last week has been a matter of clean up and damage assessment. We did have flood insurance, although this type of event has never happened in this area. We talk to people that ask why we didn't have sandbags for this type of storm. Um, we could have had 500 sandbags and it would have made no difference. Basically, the Russian River created a 3/4 mile extension of itself and ran down our streety. One of the most annoying thing about this ordeal is the lookers that crawl down our little street showing the family the damage, like we are some kind of zoo exhibit. Many of us started to get angry by the end of the second day of constantly being on display. I was ready to put up a sign in my driveway, "Help clean up or fuck off!". Seriously, we had people stopped with families in their car watching us clean out our garage. "Dad, why is that muddy man giving us the middle finger?". Well, it might be because your daddy is a rude prick that needs a hobby.

Although the police were totally useless on the day we came back ("We have no information, the emergency office is closed"), the city has been excellent helping the people otherwise. A half dozen dumpsters have been brought in to help with clean-up, and city workers have been checking up on us a couple of times this week, not to mention the fire department (very helpful) and PG&E. We've been declared a local disaster area and the city is doing pretty well in helping out with the clean-up.

Otherwise, I've been trying to prep for school, relax, and coach basketball (1-1 so far in league) while dealing with all this mayhem. Blogging should be better now that things are a little more under control.
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