Monday, January 23, 2006

Government is finished. On to Economics!

Well, one subject is done and a new one begins!

Finals week went fairly well, and I have yet to hear any problems regarding the grade that the students earned. I'm not totally surprised for two reasons. First, report cards will not be going out for another week. Second, a massive power surge zapped our phone system, which was totally out during Thursday and Friday of Finals Week. Awwwwwww.

Here are some highlights for the week:

-The finals went off without a hitch. I made one embarrassing error on the College Prep test in that I had two #96 questions. That is my single largest weakness in teaching is my proofreading of my own work.

-The failures about normal again. All failures had to do with excessive absences and not turning in work. Now there is a surprise.

-What do you do if you are student with a few cuts and a dozen tardies? You beg Mom for a note that's what! If I went to my father for a note to excuse my choices in school, he would have laughed at me. And people wonder why this generation is unprepared for the real world.

-I'm in the midst of planning Economics, so I'll write more later.
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